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      NARRATIVE TO FIRST EDITION (Beginning 1900)

      By Van J. Simmons, Jr.

      President of the United States of America - William
      McKinley (since 1897)

      U.S. became a world power following the Spanish
      American War (Apr 21 - Dec 10, 1898).
      Old World (European) power and influence was
      effectively removed from the Americas with Spain's
      withdrawal from Cuba. Puerto Rico, Wake, Guam and the
      Philippine Islands were ceded to the United States
      with resultant determination of the U.S. construction
      of the Panama Canal and the annexation of Hawaii as
      U.S. territory June 14, 1900. U.S. Armed Forces (Army,
      Navy, Marines) became increasingly important in the
      U.S. National and Foreign Policy Affairs. The nation's
      industrial base began growth and expansion that were
      to overtake others in the world. There were more than
      50 automobile companies operating as Private
      Enterprise businesses in the U.S. by 1898. Automobile
      manufacturing and sales became the main prop of the
      national economy and remained so until the 1970's.

      Heavyweight boxfighting was a very popular sport of
      the times. Bob Fitzsimmons held titles in three
      divisions: Middle, Light Heavy and Heavyweight
      divisions from 1891 to 1904.  This was an incredible
      record for the sport that has not been equalled up to
      present times.

      Significant social issues of the times: Adversarial
      relationship between Science and Religion.
      Historically the U.S. had been Christian (primarily
      Protestant). Charles Darwin's theories of evolution
      came to be increasingly discussed and debated.
      Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" was strongly opposed by
      religious groups and strongly supported in major
      academic institutions. Hoaxes such as the
      "Piltdownman" affair, were subsequently revealed to
      have been falsely planted "evidence" and brought
      serious conflicts between religious institutions and
      institutions of science, resulting in a "science
      versus religion" struggle between proponents of the
      differing interested groups.  Efforts to prevent
      teaching of evolution in schools were met by legal
      efforts to discredit or suppress those creation
      scientists who remained in academia. Evolutionists'
      efforts oftentimes demonstrated overzealousness, lack
      of scruples and deliberate deceptions that could only
      be dealt with over long periods of time in costly and
      sensational lawsuits. The Soviet Union, through its
      international arm, the COMINTERN (Communist
      International) supported anti-religious groups with
      highly developed material and Agitation Propaganda
      (AGITPROP) methods and infiltration operations
      proportionately far beyond their actual membership
      numbers in the United States. This was to have far
      reaching and devastating effects upon the general
      public and the government of the United States -
      particularly during the "Communist Scare" years of the

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