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About Chat 'N Ooga Choo Choo Silver Bullet
What! Another One? Yeah, but another one with a difference!. That's what the Silver Bullet is going to be about. This is going to be about where we've been, where we are, and where wr're going! This book is destined to be come a special collectors' item, a family heirloom and treasure for people who've been there, who are there now, and are going to special places in the future. This is to be the story of what we and our heroes have done, are doing, and shall continue to be doing . It is to memorialize events and characters as they acturally have been in an epoch that has been distinquished by its unique characteristcs of universal benefits and advantages. It shall depart from the stupifying mode of "Politically Correct" that public information media in misguiding hands generally has taken over the past several decades and that has taken anti hero and pessimistic views that the past is "passe" and its character to be reinterpreted from a skeptical and rejection point of view. Where unhappiness and disillustionment has been spread by this now all too pervasive negativism, a new light of positive illumination is in order. This is the dedicated goal and function of Chat 'N Ooga Choo Choo Silver Bullet.

To those who have never taken a good old Locomotive trip, this is to be a happy revelation as we pass over the clicking rails not at supersonic speeds that cause us to miss details in the journey of life that ought to lead to inspiring and better things that change ought to always bring about. We will be hearing again the beautiful old songs that otherwise would vanish from all memory, such as: "Brown Eyes, Why are you B lue? Btown Eyes, What can I do to bring that Sunshine back to your eyes.. and "Happy days are here again - The skies above are blue again."

Welcome! All aboard the Chat 'N Ooga Choo Choo Silver Bullet From Maine to California, here we come! Singing and dancing and as in life, perhap sometimes weeping-all they way.

Publishers and Staff of
the Chat 'N Ooga Choo Silver Bullet

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