Varilux Boomer Watch™ is a nationwide survey of more than 1,000 baby boomers conducted online by VariluxÒ progressive lenses, the most technologically advanced solution for presbyopia.  The survey asked boomers about boomer culture, attitudes, ideals and concerns, revealing insight into how this influential generation sees their world in 2001.  Although the generation has many commonalties, there’s still a difference between Mars and Venus.



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Public figure who had the greatest influence on you:

John F. Kennedy (23%)

Bill Gates (21%)

John Lennon (16%)

Diana, Princess of Wales (23%)

John F. Kennedy (18%)

Erma Bombeck (15%)




Best boomer role model:

Bill Gates (31%)

Oprah Winfrey (38%)




Sexiest boomer:

Meg Ryan (27%)

Mel Gibson (47%)




Most defining personal event:

Marriage (23%)

Birth of children (20%)

Death of a parent/loved one (13%)

Birth of children (39%)

Death of a parent/loved one (17%)

Marriage (13%)




Biggest health concern:

Heart disease (77%)

Reduced vision (66%)

Colon cancer (61%)

Breast cancer (80%)

Heart disease (73%)

Aging (70%)




Would consider a tummy tuck:

13 percent

37 percent




Would consider hair transplants:

11 percent

7 percent




Sexual encounters per month:






Favorite leisure activities:

Web surfing (47%)

Reading (63%)


Varilux Boomer Watch was conducted with an accuracy of +/- 3 percent.


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