Mel Gibson leads the pack as the sexiest boomer and is what women want based on the findings of the survey. Hunks Harrison Ford and Patrick Swayze follow not far behind Gibson on the sexiness scale.

    What do Tom Hanks and George W. Bush have in common? They are the most admired current role models for the baby boomer generation.

    How about Howard Stern and Dennis Rodman? The boomers who most need to start acting their age!

    The latest fact sheet from the Varilux Boomer Watch survey regarding baby boomer icons and idols.

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    Varilux Boomer Watch is an annual nationwide survey of more than 1,000 baby boomers conducted online by Varilux® progressive lenses, the most technologically advanced solution for presbyopia. This year the survey asked boomers about boomer culture, attitudes, ideals and concerns, revealing insight into how this influential generation see themselves in 2002. Among other topics, the survey asked boomers to share their thoughts on some of the icons and idols of their generation, both yesterday and today.

    Names of the Past

    Baby boomers hold a high regard for strong international role models. When asked which public figures -- both present and past -- they most admire, boomers saluted and bowed to President John F. Kennedy (32%) and the revered Mother Theresa (34%).

    Oh, Grow Up!

    For the second year in a row, shock jock Howard Stern (54%) can claim the title of the boomer who most needs to start acting his age. Closely following Stern is the wedding gown wearing, former bad-boy of the NBA, Dennis Rodman (51%).

    Hollywood and the White House?

    The mention of D.C and L.A. in the same sentence may catch you off guard. However, when baby boomers where asked which current figures are the best role model for the boomer generation, President George W. Bush (34%) and Tom Hanks (28%) managed to unite the two very distinct American cities.

    What Women Want

    Women voted Mel Gibson to be the sexiest boomer (42%) for the second year in a row. And, although there are no points for second place, Harrison Ford (33%) and Patrick Swayze (24%) were also named.

    Varilux Boomer Watch was conducted in January 2002 with an accuracy of +/- 3 percent.
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