Varilux Boomer Watch(tm) is an annual nationwide survey of more than 1,000 baby boomers conducted online by Varilux® progressive lenses, the most technologically advanced solution for presbyopia.  This year the survey asked boomers about boomer culture, attitudes, ideals and concerns, revealing insight into how this influential generation see themselves in 2002.  And while they agree about many things, it's clear men and women don't always see eye to eye.

Male View
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Most Admired Public Figure:      
John F. Kennedy (36%)                Mother Theresa (44%)                         George W. Bush (27%)                John F. Kennedy (28%)                         Walter Cronkite (25%)                 George W. Bush (28%)

Sexiest Boomer:       
Heather Locklear (35%)               Mel Gibson (42%)

Most Embarrassing Boomer Fad:
Leisure Suits (38%)                      Bee Hive Hairdos (39%)

Favorite TV Show Growing Up:
Star Trek (45%)                            American Bandstand (28%)                 Wild Wild West (28%)                 Twilight Zone (28%)

More Involved with Family Since September 11:
43 percent                                      54 percent

Less Self-Assured Since September 11:
17 percent                                      24 percent             

Started Using Corrective Eyewear Since Age 40:
 49 percent                                      62 percent

Frequently Feel It's Harder to Feel Good About Appearance:
14 percent                                       22 percent

Have Sex Once or Twice A Week:
32 percent                                      24 percent

Varilux Boomer Watch was conducted in January 2002 with an accuracy of +/- 3 percent. 

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