Varilux Boomer Watch(tm) is an annual nationwide
survey of more than 1,000 baby boomers conducted
online by Varilux® progressive lenses, the most
technologically advanced solution for presbyopia. 
This year the survey asked boomers about boomer culture,
attitudes, ideals and concerns, revealing insight into how
this influential generation see themselves in 2002. 
Boomers shared their opinions on the trends and habits
that define the generation.

One Day It Will Happen to You

Fashion trends come and go but there remain certain
articles of clothing that you never thought that you would wear.  When baby boomers were asked what they wear now that they never thought they would wear 20 years ago,
bifocals (52%) were far ahead of the fashion faux pas monitored. 
Runner-up was the jogging suit (19%),
proving that exercising must not have been top of mind 20 years back.

Science 101

Though Science may not have been the favorite lesson learned at school, when baby boomers were asked what their favorite TV shows were while growing up those sci-fi series were generation favorites.  Star Trek proved to be at the head-of-class with a 33 percent baby boomer backing.  Closely behind was Twilight Zone with a 28 percent vote.  Lost in Space also topped the list (21%).

Still Groovin'

What goes around comes around.  When baby boomers were asked which of the fads that recently emerged from the past they did not consider embarrassing, 98 percent were happy to see lava lamps glowing again.  At the same time, 97 percent of the baby boomer generation were happy to be sporting Bermuda Shorts for a second time.

Sign of The Times

With the events of this past year, baby boomers were asked how their leisure time was affected by September 11.  Fifty-four percent of the boomer generation reported that they are spending more time Web surfing.  More boomers can also be found with their eyes glued to the pages of a book with 37 percent of the generation reading more. 

Baby boomers have spent an increasing amount of time close to home with 25 percent of boomers reporting they have reduced time for leisure travel.

Against the X

When comparing themselves to Generation X (ages 16 - 36), baby boomers feel that they have achieved more (52%) and have better overall satisfaction with life (51%). 

While the boomer generation envies the energy level of X'ers (42%), few envy much else about that generation.

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Varilux Boomer Watch was conducted in January 2002 with an accuracy of +/- 3 percent. 

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