Custom Designed Hospitality Cleaning Carts

    Design 'A' Cart is a brand new state-of-the-art designer 
    Housekeeping Cart System.
    This innovative laminated plastic/metal MDF 
    wood cart was developed with the concerns 
    and priorities of employees, guests/patients, 
    and visitors of hospitals/hotels in mind.
    Your cart can be "customized" to fit housekeeping
    needs by our design staff or you can select our 
    standard cart with minor modifications.
    Our standard cart features lockable cabinets, 
    adjustable shelving, stainless steel pans/pots,
    storage/outlets for various size plastic roll bags
    and interchangeable hooks and brackets.
    For added security, the top is a lockable "Tambour"
    door that rolls back into the carts cabinet. For 
    flexibility, equipment can be stored at any height
    inside the cabinet. The laminated plastic surface
    can be disinfected, which satisfies the important
    infection control requirements that a hospital or 
    hotel of the decade is responsible to implement.
    This same laminated quality makes it possible to
    produce the cart in virtually all colors and match to
    the decor of any hospital or hotel, thus heightening
    its asthetics value because of the cart's adaptability
    to fit to a variety of ambiances.  
    All of these considerations contribute to the
    professional image of the Housekeeping/
    Environmental Services department and to
    the hospital and hotel.  It is an elegantly 
    customized system that no longer reflects
    the sterile, more traditional and institutionalized 
    look of the typical housekeeping cart which is 
    being seen in public places such as hospitals
    and hotels today.
    Maier Ranch,
    P.O. Box 891203,
    Ca. 92589,
    Email: / (909)676-0982


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