•   Vinyl Highway

    Dick And Dee Dee
    One of the most popular recording duos of the time!

    Dee Dee Phelps announced the release of her new book "Vinyl Highway".
    Dee Dee was singing as Dick and Dee Dee in the 60s.

    Thirty five years after the group dissolved, the book reveals the real story behind the music! But what happened to 'Dick And Dee Dee' throughout their nine year career was even more fascinating.


  •   BOOMER, ZOOMER™ & BEYOND (2006)

    ISBN 0-9776626-1-6
    AgeVenture Press, Boca Raton, FL

    Price: $19.95, Published in E-Book (CD) format.
    Americans enjoy the highest standard of living, and the worst of health. Our fast-paced, fast- food culture is now threating our very very existence. Culture kills. Is there a solution? Yes. The many, often contradictory, remedies for successful aging are like a deck of cards scattered in 52 directions. It's hard to tell which ones really work. The only way to make sense of it all is to gather up the cards and organize the deck


  •   National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2006.

  •  Susan G. Gorman Breath Cancer Society.

  •  Fighting Breath Cancer.

  •  National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc

  •  National Cancer Institute.

  •  Glaxo Seeks New Cancer Drug Approval.



  •   Ticket To Ride

    "Ticket to Ride" will be commercially available in the spring of 2006
    published by Flame Books -www.flamebooks.com



  •   Kay Durden Interview
  •   Kay Durden's Poems
  •   Can We Talk by Kay Durden
    Kay's thoughts about healthcare, and the treatment of those of us over 50. "Reflections of the Heart" is a book of poetry, prose and short stories published in November 2005, and can be purchased through Amazon, Waldens, and the publisher Airleaf.
    Copyright 2005, © Kay Durden, All Rights Reserved.



  •   Randy Welborn, an artist
  •   Randy Welborn's "Moments to Remember"
    Take a trip back in time to the fifties.
    Each painting in this series depicts
    a particular day in the fifties
    Copyright 2004, © Randy Welborn Studio, All Rights Reserved.


    Did you know:
    Every 7 Seconds someone in America turns 50.

    Boomer is fastest growing population segment.
    The most affluent consumer group that exists
    Account for over 40% of total consumer demand.
    Boomers Research

  •   Television & Boomers
    Your Input Is Needed!! <====


  •   Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her
    by Melanie Rehak. Copyright © 2005

  •   The Smashing Rise and Giddy Fall of Swinging London
      The book is about London in the 1960s.
      Biba's, Mary Quant, Mini Skirts, Twiggy, Soho, Chelsea, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Yardbirds, Donovan, Dylan,
      The Lovin Spoonful, The Animals, Herman's Hermits, Mods, Rockers and more!
  •   My Memories Of London

  • APEC Summit
    Superlative Siamese Splendour.
    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
    In Bangkok, Thailand.
  • APEC & World Leaders
  • APEC Agreements
  • APEC Leaders

  •  DaVinci And The Code He Lived By
    History Channel,
    “Never be limited by what has been done before, or by what others might think.”