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I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I grew up in the suburb and lived in Bangkok until 16 when I started my young life's journey and took off as a student to London, England.

I studied and later worked in London. I love London; it has so much to offer. I lived in Queensway near Hyde Park as well as Northern part of London briefly. London is a big city and it has the old tradition and the new, vibrant and lively cultures. I do love England and English people very much. As a foreign student, I also met and made so many foreign students from all over the world in London.
I travelled all over England (Cambridge, Cornwall, Bath, Kents and Stafford-upon-Avon). One late summer, I took a long train ride with a friend from London to Edinburgh and back. We went to the Thai students association yearly retreat.
We took a tour of Queen Mary's castle and the city of Edinburg.

I went back to Thailand in 1967 and I worked for an American company in Bangkok for 2 years before moving to Teheran, Iran to work for the same company as well as to raise a young family. After living in Iran for 6 and a half years, we finally moved back to the US.

In 1975, we spent our summer, literary on the beach in Honolulu, Oahu before heading back to the mainland and settled down in Santa Clara, California.

I love the San Francisco Bay Area; after spending almost 26 years there with my family. I also attended several colleges and worked for several high tech companies.

Aftet 10+ years with Intel Corporation as IT / Database / Systems person I volunteered to retire and moved down to Southern California in July 2001.

I work at my home office and I taught part time at at University Of Phoenix.

I now live on a ranch (with a vineyard) in the sunny Southern California Temecula Winecountry and I am enjoying the country life. Our family also own a small avocado grove (21 acres) near our ranch.

I write poems when I have the feelings and an emotional urge for it. My poem is dedicated to all of the LOVERS out there.
To all of you, Lovers of Life, Lovers of humanity, Lovers of our Earth, Lovers of the Universe, Lovers of Freedom, Lovers of Family and Friends, For the love of our country, For the Love of LOVE and For the Love Of God......

Please spread your love to all around you...

I hope that you will enjoy reading these poems. My poems, "You Are The One" i.e, is selected as one of the "Editor's Choices" by Poetry.com. It is published along with several others. (This is my 3th Poetry.com books). I am also planning to publish these collection of poems together in a small poetry book and offer for sale online in the near future.

January 2006 was a very sad year for our family. My dear youngest brother Thanawat left us for a peaceful place in heaven. I was not able to write any other poems since then.

February 2007 I received a Real Estate License and I am currently working as a Realtor in Southern California. It has been a long time and this endeavor is ceasing and I only work with few selected clients. It has been so many years since I have any inspiration to write. Last year (2012) was another terribly sad year for me. I went home to Bangkok, Thailand in October to attend my father's funeral. I was trying so hard not to get too depress and have been concentrating on the good thought, good time and the good part of my life and our family's loving relationships with my father while he was alive.

I am able to dream and to start writing my poems again.
Each one of us derive our inspiration and sources of creativity from many sources. There are sources of great inspirations in this world that can enhance and bring out your creativity from your inner soul.
For me the sources of my inspirations are feelings LOVE, PASSION, JOY, DISAPPOINTMENT, DISILLUSIONMENT, DEEP SPIRITUAL EMOTION and last but not least, the beauty and healing power of nature that are such a natural wonders all around us.

  My Poems

  • In My Dream <3 <3
  • After The Rain
  • How Far For Me To Go! <3 <3
  • Life
  • Dark Summer Night!
  • It's Time For Me To Go!
  • Empty Promisses
  • Lovers On The Beach - My Heart Song
  • You!
  • Dark Side Of The Moon.
  • Leave Me!
  • HOW!?
  • Infinity
  • Reaching Beyonds Compare
  • What Is Life All About?
  • When A Man Made You Cry
  • Memory Of You
  • Desert sun
  • In Time, I Will Love You
  • Celtic sun
  • Please Remember When
  • I Dream Of
  • Dry Tears
  • Surrender
  • You Are The One Published in a Poetry Book.
  • I Didn't Mean It
  • A Lonely Country Road
  • She Broke Many Hearts
  • I Will Be There For You Published in a Poetry Book
  • I Met You In The Spring
  • You Speak To Me
  • Mom's Love
  • Sorrow Published in a Poetry Book.
  • River Run
  • Autumn Love
  • Summer Blues
  • Daily Meditation!
  • Summer Hills

  • Love Songs
  • Quite Nights..
  • A Shade Of Gray
  • Spring Is Waiting
  • Master of disaster
  • Cruety

    Fun Info about Me!

    "For all good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings." William Wordsworth

  • "Let's peace and love forever be in your heart,
    Let's joy and wonder always stand in your way"

    "I write to express my feelings, and to dance with you, from my inner soul"
    Jieranai Maier, 2004

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    I saw Gary Allan Concert at The Pechanga in 2004
    I love this song
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    Nights Are Forever Without You


    England Dan & John Ford Coley

    Album: Nights Are Forever      Released: 1976
    US Chart: 10     
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