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To all my Nature-born siblings,

Has any of you (awake or sleeping) ever found yourself in
an Elysium similar to this ?



In dreams, I roam through hoary wood, Where trees are tall, and life is good, Where only Nature, Source of Life, Can threaten me with pain or strife, Where Man and Woman live abreast, Without a care for "which is best". No thoughts of "profit" nuisance me, For labor is my only fee. By sweat of brow, I plant and reap. By whisp'ring streams, I drink and sleep. I live midst peaceful, sylvan sounds, Where friends are dear, and Love abounds. In fragrant, flowered lea I lie, And watch as eagles swim the sky. My lungs ingest the purest air; My legs transport me everywhere. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Awake from my Elysian dream, I foster an Elysian scheme: I'll ask the eagle on my chair To spread his wings and take me there. Ciao now! Poppa Gander