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What is our Meaning in Life?

by Lora Mendel

Most will agree that the ultimate goal
for human conscious development is to 
attain a state of expansive Oneness, of 
being one with the Universe, emerging 
into what has been called the Cosmic 
Consciousness state. There are a number 
of ways to enter this experience -- 
through the mindís discernment between 
Reality and appearances, the heartís 
way of devotion, love and surrender, 
and the way of works, turning the will 
away from self-interest towards Truth 
and service to a greater Reality than
the limited self, the ego.

Man lives mostly within the confines 
of his surface mind, life and body, 
but there is also the realm of an INNER 
BEING within him which has greater
possibilities and to which he must 
awaken as he evolves.

At present man receives only a very 
restricted influence from above --  
this higher, expanded state of existence 
known only in blessed moments - and this 
subtle spiritual force is what pushes 
mankind to a constant pursuit of a greater 
beauty, harmony, power and 
knowledge. Iíd say that in this sense 
of manís striving for what is beyond, 
he is using only a fraction of his 
inner powers.

As a first step man must begin by 
opening the ranges of this inner being, 
to live from that point outwardly, 
guiding his earthly life by an inner 
light and force. In doing so will he 
discover in himself, his true soul, 
which is not made up of this outer 
mixture of mental, vital, and physical 
elements but is the Reality behind them, 
a spark from the one Divine Fire.

By living more from centred in oneís 
Soul and expressing a purified state 
of mind and heart, the individualís conscious 
mind moves forward and experiences an 
expansion, an opening upward and an 
awareness of a higher principle of 
Being throughout daily life. As it was 
said, the drop is in the ocean and 
the ocean is in the drop. And as the Master 
said: I and the Father are One. The 
limited conscious mind merges with the 
unlimited Divine Mind, the source of 
All Wisdom, Love and Power, and this 
is our true Being, our true home.

Yet it is not all at once that the 
greater Light and Force of Wisdom can 
be expressed by the developing soul. 
Similar to Natureís role in bringing 
forth a flower to blossom,  there are 
several stages or levels of consciousness 
through which the ordinary human mind 
must pass and evolve to attain the 
more expanded mental state of 
Truth-Consciousness, or Cosmic 

The middle ranges of these higher levels 
of consciousness, which pertain to our 
mental and soul awareness, need to 
be opened up and their power brought 
down into the mind, life and body. Then 
only can the full power of Truth-
Consciousness, of Life and Being, 
work in and through the human nature.

The natural unfoldment of oneís mind 
and heart centre is of course a long 
and challenging process, but ultimately 
a balanced understanding is attained and 
spiritual Love and Wisdom become more the 
reality in oneís life, one lives more 
in tune with soul perfection.

This is how I would perceive our 
purpose for being here in the so-called
material world. We must become 
spiritually aware of the Meaning of Life.

Have a saying? Tell us about it! We welcome your feedback.

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