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When were jeans invented and by whom?

White Bear Lake, Minnesota

From cowboys to catwalks, blue jeans are big business. Whether you are a celeb with sass, or an average Joe seeking a relaxed look, the style, cut, color, and fit of your favorite pair of jeans say a lot about you. And this year marks the 150th anniversary of the indispensable bottoms. So whom do we have to thank for this most treasured piece of clothing? None other than Levi Strauss, the Bavarian-born American icon who clothed rugged cowboys in their signature work pants. The young immigrant made his way to San Francisco with his siblings in tow and dreams of success filling his head. In 1866, he established a dry-goods store on Battery Street, where it remained for 40 years.

Many of his customers were miners and cowboys who needed rough-and-tumble work clothes. Due to its durable nature, canvas was already a staple of workwear, but it tended to chafe the wearer. Srauss searched around and found a new fabric from France called "serge de Nimes" (later shortened to denim).

One of Strauss' customers was Jacob Davis, a tailor who purchased bolts of cloth wholesale. Davis' clientele included one particularly demanding customer who continually ripped the pockets off his pants. Davis fashioned him a pair of denim pants strengthened with rivets that could withstand a great deal of strain and abuse. Davis' pants were a hit, and he quickly saw the potential for big business. Lacking the $68 to file a patent and protect his design, Davis approached Strauss. The two quickly became business partners and filed a patent for their "waist overalls" on May 20, 1873.

U.S. Patent 139,121 specifically covered the process of riveting men's work pants. Featuring a single back pocket with an arcuate stitching design (a double row of arched stitching -- one of the oldest apparel trademarks in existence), a "cinch" buckle strap on the waistband, and suspender buttons instead of belt loops, the first pair of jeans were officially born in the San Francisco fog.

Levi's Jeans

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  • Levi's® 501® jeans are the original Shrink-To-Fit®, button-fly blue jeans first created in the 1800s. 501® jeans are the oldest and best selling product of Levi Strauss & Co. The number 501 was assigned to the jeans around 1890.

  • Levi Strauss & Co. currently makes 501® jeans in approximately 108 sizes and 20 finishes/fabrics.

  • A typical pair of Levi's® 501® jeans takes about 1 3/4 yards of denim, 213 yards of thread, five buttons and six rivets.

  • There are 37 separate sewing operations involved in making a single pair of Levi's® 501® jeans.

  • The red Tab Device was created in 1936 to help identify Levi's® 501® jeans from a distance.

  • Until 1960, Levi's® 501® jeans were called "waist overalls."

  • One bolt of denim weighs approximately a quarter of a ton. Cutters use an electric saw to cut through 120 layers of cloth at one time. About 60 pairs of jeans can be cut from one bolt of fabric.

  • The double row of stitching on the back pockets - known as the Arcuate stitching design - is the oldest apparel trademark still in use today. It was first used in 1873. During World War II, the Arcuate stitching design was painted on the pockets due to government rationing of essential items such as thread.

  • Rivets were first used on 501® jeans in 1873 because miners complained that their pockets ripped under the weight of ore samples. The early jeans had rivets on the front and back pockets. Rear rivets were covered beginning in 1937 because of complaints that the rivets scratched school desk chairs and saddles. Since 1967, reinforced stitching has replaced the back pocket rivets.

    Copyright ©2001 Levi Strauss & Co.

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  • 1955: The company begins marketing its trademark "bunny" cufflinks. Today, licensed Playboy products are sold in over 100 countries.

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  • 1966: Playboy opens its first "international club and casino" in London. Its license was revoked in 1981 and it closed. Hefner says he was a victim of a "witch hunt."

  • 1975: Hefner's private secretary and former lover Bobbie Arnstein is convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and jailed for 15 years. Two months later, she commits suicide.

  • 1981: John Lennon gives his last interview to Playboy, and explains why The Beatles won't re-form: "Do we have to do the walking on water again because a whole pile of dummies didn't see it the first time?"

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    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Keeping dentists busy since 1928, bubble gum celebrated its 75th anniversary on Saturday with enough sugar to keep kids hopping way past Halloween.

    Created in 1928 by Walter Deimer, an accountant in Philadelphia, the perennial treat was pegged Dubble Bubble by its maker and sold by Fleer Gum Co., which owned the brand name. The first Dubble Bubble squares went on sale in 1937.

    Years later the name has stuck though the brand is now owned by Concord Confections Inc. of Toronto. Yet it remains one of the timeless candy treats.

    In Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan, the energy was reminiscent of any popular watering hole, replete with laughter, snappy pop tunes and picture-taking. But throw in the national bubble gum blowing champion signing autographs and barrels of candy and games, it became clear adults were to mind their manners.

    "If you can't have fun doing this ... you can't have fun," said Paul Cherrie, senior vice president sales/marketing of Concord. "We operate in kid-mode and it would be a sad day to switch that off. They are the best source of ideas."

    Cherrie said privately-held Concord acquired the Dubble Bubble brand in 1998, selling it in 62 different countries and generating sales of more than $100 million. That figure doesn't include licensing deals for other products.

    Its major competitor in the bubble gum business is Topps Co., which makes Bazooka bubble gum.

    Back at the bar the champ, 10-year old Aina Cambridge of Chicago, periodically blew bubbles for her public. She was wearing the crown she won on NBC's the Today Show in August with a 14-inch bubble. She also received a $10,000 savings bond, a donation to the children's miracle network in her name -- and yes of course, loads of Dubble Bubble gum.
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    Happy 50th Birthday PEZ

    PEZ candy dispensers celebrate their 50th year
    of U.S. citizenship.
    June 13, 2002: 4:32 PM EDT
    By Annelena Lobb, CNN/Money Staff Writer
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    The story actually begins in 1927, in Vienna, Austria.
    That's where PEZ candy makers created their
    first product -- a peppermint breath mint, oddly enough.
    ("PEZ" is an acronym from pfefferminz,
    the German word for peppermint.)
    But in 1952 the pioneers of PEZ decided to bring
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    Then things took an unexpected turn --
    after conducting market research, PEZ execs
    realized that fun fruit candy tablets would attract a far greater
    fan base than mints. In the spirit of it all,
    they even decided their reinvented
    product would come dispensed by a plastic toy
    with a cartoon head.
    The first PEZ dispenser was born.

    Of course, this tale raises the question:
    whose head graced the first PEZ dispenser 50 years ago?

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