December 17, 2003

The World Celebrated 100th Anniversary of Wright Brothers

100 Years Of Flying

100-year Anniversary
Of The First Engine-Powered Airplane Flight.

It was on the morning of 17 December 1903 that Orville Wright clattered into the air over the lonely Kill Devil Hills sand dunes near Kitty Hawk on the coast of North Carolina. Watched by his brother Wilbur, he set in motion an unstoppable leviathan that has grown, in less than 100 years, into the world-shrinking aviation industry we know today.

The Wright ‘Flyer’ was powered by a four-cylinder water-cooled engine of the brothers’ own design and it produced 12hp from a weight (including all accessories, water and fuel) of a little more than 200lbs (91kg).

The first flight – witnessed by the staff of the nearby Kill Devil Life Saving Station – lasted for a mere 12 seconds and covered around 120ft (36.5m) – less than the wingspan of today’s twin-aisle airliners! Orville and Wilbur flew four times that day and their longest flight, which lasted almost a minute, covered more than 850ft (260m). The pace of rapid development was already increasing…

The Chronology and Flight Log presented here were collected and published by the Library of Congress in 1971 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Orville Wright.

Ref: US Centennial of Flight:
Time.com 100 Years Of Flight.

December 17, 2003
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    Flight: 100 Years of Aviation
    by R. G. Grant, John R. Dailey

    Check out these DVD's.

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    History Of Flight

    Wright Brothers History

    ORVILLE WRIGHT (1871-1948),
    WILBUR WRIGHT (1867-1912)

    Model C C8b On March 3, 1919, William Boeing (right) and pilot Eddie Hubbard performed the first U.S. international airmail flight in this Boeing Model C, a modified World War I trainer they flew from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to Seattle. - Boeing's Site

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    End of flight October 24th 2003

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    Concorde Super Sonic Latest News

    Final Flight Picture Galleries

    "Television in Space" July 20, 1969 (hosted by Ed Bradley) Walter Cronkite waits with the world as humankind takes to the skies and then lands on the moon.

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    To Celebrate Corvette's 50th Anniversary, the National Corvette Museum presented a Historic Motorama of Corvettes.

  • Ford Motor Company
    History will be made June 12-16, 2003 on the grounds of Henry Ford II World Center in Dearborn, Michigan, when Ford Motor Company celebrates 100 years. Now you have an opportunity to join in the celebration of Ford Motor Company's past, present and exciting future.
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    While the actualy date of NBC 75th Anniversary fell on November 15, 2001; the network celebrated on May 5, 2002.

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    Started 100 years ago and going strong - who would believe it but Harley-Davidson is more popular than ever with Baby Boomers Generation!!
  • 60th Annual Golden Globe Award
    Sunday, Januray 19th, 2003
    The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards the Golden Globes to honor achievements in film and television during the calendar year.
  • 75Th Annual Academy Award

    March 23, 2003
  • 100 HEROES & VILLAINS, a new entertainment special saluting the greatest heroesand villains in American movies, to be broadcast Tuesday, June 3 (8:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) onthe CBS Television Network

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