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7 February 1964

40 Years Of BeatleMania~

The Beatles On Ed Sullivan Show~

The Beatles' live debut appearance on American television, February 9th, 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show has topped a list of the 100 greatest rock and roll moments in TV as named by The 100 Moments That Rocked TV by VH-1.

An estimated 73 million Americans tuned in to watch the Ed Sullivan Show when the Beatles performed All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand. And every one of these songs is included on our limited edition video collection, all part of 20 live performances and 7 number one hits!

Did you know that the crime rate in US cities dropped dramatically during the show's broadcast time?

The Four Historic Ed Sullivan Shows
featuring The Beatles
The Ed Sullivan Show, February 9th, 1964:

1. Ed's opening
2. The Beatles – All My Loving
3. The Beatles – Till There Was You
4. The Beatles – She Loves You
5. Fred Kaps – Card and salt shaker trick
6. The cast of Oliver – I'll Do Anything For You
7. Georgia Brown (Oliver) – As Long As He Needs Me
8. Frank Gorshin – comedian/impressionist
9. Terry McDermott – Olympic athlete
10. Tessie O'Shea – medley of favourite show tunes
11. McCall & Brill – comedy/office sketch
12. The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There
13. The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand
14. Wells & The Four Fays – acrobatic physical comedy

The Ed Sullivan Show, February 16th, 1964:

1. Ed's opening
2. The Beatles – She Loves You
3. The Beatles – This Boy
4. The Beatles – All My Loving
5. Sonny Liston – heavyweight champion/audience bow
6. Joe Louis – former heavyweight champion/audience bow
7. Allen and Rossi – boxing skit
8. Mitzi Gaynor – It's Too Darn Hot
9. Mitzi Gaynor – medley of hits
10. The Nerveless Knocks – sway pole routine
11. Myron Cohen – complex comedy bits
12. The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There
13. The Beatles – From Me To You
14. The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand

The Ed Sullivan Show, February 23rd, 1964:

1. Ed's opening
2. The Beatles – Twist and Shout
3. The Beatles – Please Please Me
4. Gloria Bleezarde – Safety In Numbers
5. Pinky and Perky – caterpillar and crow routine
6. Pinky and Perky – dog and cow routine
7. Morecambe and Wise – Louis XIV sketch
8. Acker Bilk – Acker's Lacquer
9. Gordon and Sheila Macrae – take off on The Garry Moore Show
10. Dave Barry – stand-up re: his daughter's marriage
11. Cab Calloway – St. James Infirmary
12. Cab Calloway – Old Man River
13. Morty Gunty – comedy stand-up
14. The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand

The Ed Sullivan Show, September 12th, 1965:

1. Ed's opening
2. Soupy Sales – reminisces with Ed
3. Cilla Black - September in the Rain
4. Fantasio – sleight-of-hand artist
5. The Beatles - I Feel Fine
6. The Beatles - I'm Down
7. The Beatles - Act Naturally
8. Allen and Rossi - Try To Remember
9. Cilla Black - Goin' Out Of My Head
10. Soupy Sales - The Mouse
11. The Beatles – Ticket To Ride
12. The Beatles - Yesterday
13. The Beatles - Help!


Venue location: Studio 50 Broadway & West 53rd Street New York, NY Capacity: 728 Dress rehearsals: Three: 2/8/64 – 1:30pm and 2/9/64 – 9:15am & 2:30pm Attendance: 728 Ea. for taping and live show Promoter: Ed Sullivan, CBS Other Acts: Fred Kaps, Georgia Brown & Oliver Kids, Frank Gorshin, Tessie O' Shea, McCall & Brill, Wells & Four Fays,


Ed Sullivan is flanked by Ringo Starr (from left), George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney during a rehearsal for the Beatles' Feb. 9, 1964, performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." The Beatles had set foot in America for the first time just two days earlier. advertisement
On November 5, 1963 Brian Epstein, the Beatles' manager, flew to New York, accompanied by Billy J. Kramer. Epstein was in town for several reasons, among them, to meet with Liberty Records regarding Kramer's signing, and to meet with Ed Sullivan at the Delmonico Hotel regarding the Beatles' appearing on his show.

The Beatles were paid $3,500 for the 8:00 pm performance and $3,000 for the 4:30pm taping of three songs to be broadcast later on February 23, 1964.

George missed the February 8th rehearsal due to illness. Pictures exist of Neil Aspinall, the Beatles road manager, standing in for George.

The songs performed at the February 9th 4:30pm taping were 'Twist and Shout', 'Please Please Me' and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' respectively. The taping was performed before a studio audience. An estimated 73 million viewers in 23,240,000 homes saw the 8:00pm live performance.

The Beatles airfare to and from the U.S. was also paid for by CBS. One of the Oliver Kids was Davy Jones, later of the Monkees. Comedian Frank Gorshin went on to play The Riddler on the 1960s Batman television show. Sources:
Cavern Club
Rare Beatles
NPR Show

Beatles' Grammy Awards:

HOLLYWOOD--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 9, 2004--The Beatles won a top rock 'n' roll honor at The Grammys in Los Angeles last night when they were awarded for their influence on the American music scene that began 40 years ago today, Monday, February 9, 2004.

The Beatles received the "President's Award," a special Grammy to hallmark topline achievement and inspiration and to celebrate the anniversary of the band first bursting into American homes on the "Ed Sullivan Show" on February 9th, 1964.

Other Grammy's"

GRAMMY Winner Beatles (George Harrison, John) (Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr),artist. Genre Pop
GRAMMY Category Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal Year 1996 - 39th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work Free As A Bird
Artist Performing Work The Beatles

GRAMMY Winner Beatles (George Harrison, John) (Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr),artist. Joe Pytka,video director. Vincent Joliet,video producer.
Genre Music Video
GRAMMY Category Best Music Video, Short Form
Year 1996 - 39th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work Free As A Bird
Artist Performing Work The Beatles

GRAMMY Winner Beatles (George Harrison, John) (Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr),artist. Bob Smeaton & Geoff Wonfor,video directors. Chips Chipperfield & Neil Aspinall,video producers.
Genre Music Video
GRAMMY Category Best Music Video, Long Form
Year 1996 - 39th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work The Beatles Anthology
Artist Performing Work The Beatles

GRAMMY Winner Beatles (George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr),artist. George Martin,producer. Genre General
GRAMMY Category Album Of The Year
Year 1967 - 10th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Artist Performing Work The Beatles

GRAMMY Winner Beatles (George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr),artist. George Martin,producer. Genre Pop
GRAMMY Category Best Contemporary Album
Year 1967 - 10th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Artist Performing Work The Beatles

GRAMMY Winner Beatles (George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr),artist. Genre Pop
GRAMMY Category Best Performance By A Vocal Group
Year 1964 - 7th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work A Hard Day's Night
Artist Performing Work The Beatles

GRAMMY Winner Beatles (George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr),artist. Genre General
GRAMMY Category Best New Artist Of 1964
Year 1964 - 7th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Title of the Work
Artist Performing Work The Beatles
Lifetime Achievement Award
Through 2002
John Lennon
Whose music and insightful perspective made him, in many ways, the social conscience not only of the Beatles but of those influenced by and dedicated to their music and whose songwriting – alone and with Paul McCartney – redefined the art for contemporary ears.
Awarded: 1991

Paul McCartney
Who, as a member of the Beatles, had an impact not only on rock and roll but also on Western culture, and who, as a solo performer and songwriter, continues to influence new generations of music makers.
Awarded: 1990

GRAMMY Hall of Fame Award
Through 2003
The Beatles
Apple (1969)
Rock (Album)
Inducted 1995

The Beatles
Apple (1968)
Rock (Album)
Inducted 2000

Trustees Award
Through 2002
George Martin
Producer, arranger and keyboardist with the Beatles whose revolutionary rock production techniques encouraged other artists to experiment with studio technology and instrumentation.
Awarded: 1996

Ref: Grammy Award Web Site:

20 facts about the Beatles

The Associates Press

In honor of the 20 No. 1 Beatles singles that started that long-ago winter, here are 20 facts about their arrival in the United States that, depending on your age, you've forgotten, never heard back then or can't possibly recall because you weren't born yet.

(1) CBS News had prepared a piece on the Beatles almost three months before the group's Sullivan show debut. It ran as scheduled on the network's morning newscast of Nov. 22, 1963, two hours before Kennedy was shot. Because of assassination coverage, the Beatles story was shelved and didn't air on the more widely viewed "CBS Evening News" until Dec. 10, when anchor Walter Cronkite felt a nation in mourning might be ready for something uplifting.

(2) One viewer that night was Maryland teenager Marsha Albert. She wrote to a DJ at her local radio station in Washington, D.C., asking that he play some Beatles music. The station, WWDC, got a copy of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" from England and played it exclusively for several days, igniting in fans the fire that would result in Capitol Records' rush-releasing it here. That led stations in other major cities to jump on the record, prompting thousands of screaming teens to greet the four musicians when they arrived in New York on Feb. 7. Beatles historian Bruce Spizer credits Albert for playing a pivotal role in the start of U.S. Beatlemania.

(3) The group needed that kick-start because three singles had flopped before "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Because Capitol had rejected the group, the early singles were released by small, independent labels. Until December 1963, the group still had no U.S. record contract.

(4) Vee-Jay Records, the Chicago-based gospel and R&B label, released two Beatles records in '63, also landing the right of first refusal on future Beatles singles in the United States. The label lost the inside track when it couldn't come up with $859 in royalty payments it owed EMI Records, the Beatles' U.K. record company.

(5) Brian Epstein, the manager of a band that was a failure at that point in the United States, somehow persuaded Sullivan in early November '63 to commit to what became three consecutive appearances and to give the group headliner status. Originally Sullivan had considered the Beatles a novelty act and envisioned them performing one number on a couple of shows.

(6) With the Sullivan appearances booked, Epstein phoned Capitol President Alan Livingston directly and persuaded him to sign the band despite the label's four previous rejections.

(7) The day before the first Sullivan performance, George Harrison came down with strep throat and a 104-degree fever, causing him to miss the camera rehearsal, as well as a group photo shoot in Central Park.

(8) The song list for the first Sullivan show, in order: "All My Loving," "Till There Was You," "She Loves You," "I Saw Her Standing There" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Over the course of four Sullivan appearances, the Beatles played 20 songs in all.

(9) After the first three Sullivan shows, all of the pre-"I Want To Hold Your Hand" singles became hits upon being re-released. The most popular, "She Loves You," went to No. 1.

(10) On April 4, 1964, the Beatles held the top five slots on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart - an unprecedented feat then that no act has repeated.

(11) The least successful of 30 records the group placed in Billboard's Top 100 in 1964 alone was "Sie Liebt Dich," the German-language version of "She Loves You," which peaked at No. 97.

(12) Former Beatles drummer Pete Best, who had been fired in August 1962 and replaced by Ringo Starr, got his shot on American TV in March 1964 - as a guest on the game show "I've Got a Secret."

(13) The now-classic black-and-white photo for the cover of the "Meet the Beatles" album was shot by Robert Freeman at a Bournemouth, England, hotel where the group was staying. "I was originally offered the equivalent of $50 for the cover," Freeman writes in his book, "The Beatles: A Private View." "However, (Epstein) did support me in persuading EMI to pay double their normal fee - $100."

(14) The band's first full-scale U.S. tour opened Aug. 19 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco and included 32 shows in 23 cities. Support acts were the Righteous Brothers, Jackie DeShannon and the Bill Black Combo.

(15) Kansas City, Mo., was not originally on the '64 tour itinerary, but Kansas City Athletics owner Charlie Finley wanted the Beatles to play his town. Epstein turned him down repeatedly as Finley kept upping his offer. Epstein accepted when that offer hit $150,000, at the time the highest amount ever paid an entertainer for one show.

(16) After their Aug. 23 Hollywood Bowl concert, Lennon, Harrison and Starr decided to chance a night out in Los Angeles, away from Epstein and their entourage. They headed to the Whisky A Go-Go to see Johnny Rivers. Lennon's date for the evening: actress Jayne Mansfield.

(17) Before a Sept. 11, 1964, concert at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla., a local promoter reportedly said seating would be segregated by race. McCartney went on record saying the Beatles would never play to a segregated crowd. When the band arrived, they found a fully integrated audience.

(18) Only two things were powerful enough to slow Beatlemania in 1964: a president and a hurricane. The group's plane was delayed from landing in Jacksonville because Air Force One was about to touch down with President Johnson to tour the area recently hammered by Hurricane Dora.

(19) Back in New York City at the end of the first tour, the band got a visit from Bob Dylan, who reportedly introduced them to marijuana that evening. "We had a crazy party the night we met," McCartney told journalist Larry Kane. "I thought I got the meaning to life that night."

(20) Psychic Jeanne Dixon, who became a celebrity for predicting Kennedy's assassination, set the Beatles' nerves on edge for saying the group's plane would crash on its flight out of Philadelphia. That trip was uneventful, but on their 1965 U.S. tour one engine of their private plane caught fire during a flight from Minneapolis to Portland, Ore. The plane landed safely but was replaced the next day. Tucson Citizen

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February 9, 2004
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    Candace Cushing’s reaction to The Beatles’ first appearance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ 40 years ago today is immortalized in a newspaper photograph subsequently used in a special edition of Life magazine. Cushing, now a college counselor at King & Low-Heywood Thomas School in Stamford, said, ‘I just fell right into the hysteria.’
    (Paul Desmarais/Staff photo)

    February 9, 2004
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